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Congratulations, you’ve decided to purchase a website! Before you hire the right agency, however, you need to determine what kind of website is right for you?

That, of course, depends on what you’re trying to accomplish with it.

Business Website

All businesses need a website if they’re going to maximize their marketing reach. This includes

  • physical businesses
  • businesses that offer services (online or offline)
  • businesses that accept appointments online

In addition to selling products and services, a business website increases visibility and credibility. A business website also establishes and strengthens your brand. Link Encounter can customize your business site to make it a driving force behind your marketing campaigns.

Online Store

An online store allows you to reach customers throughout the world. Even if your business has a traditional, physical location, you can expand sales to a world-wide audience through an online store. Primary benefits of an online store include

  • Reaching a world-wide audience
  • Expanding hours of operation–the internet is always open
  • Professional product-showcasing and brand-strengthening

Numerous third-party applications make transacting business simple and easy. Too many online stores fail to take advantage of online advantages, such as branding and lead generation. Link Encounter knows how to maximize online store effectiveness.

Photography Site

Remember when you had to display your best photos on the wall of your photography studio or place your best work inside of a gigantic three-ring binder with specialized plastic covers? Even if you still own a physical studio, your expert photos are best displayed digitally through a website.

Photographers wanting the highest-quality tools for displaying their photos benefit from a photography site by

  • Sharing their photos with a much larger audience
  • Presenting their work in the most beautiful and professional way possible
  • Allowing customers to schedule appointments online

Web design plays an even greater role in a photography site. Make sure you or the company you hire is an expert and design and development–Link Encounter, for example.

Portfolio and CV

Job hunting used to mean typing up a resume and mailing it to prospective employers. With a portfolio and CV website, professionals and job seekers are instantly ready to share their skills and accomplishments.

This kind of site allows for

  • Increased visibility and professionalism
  • Professional showcasing of abilities and skills
  • A great first impression

With many of life’s endeavors, done is better than perfect. When trying to establish professional credibility with a potential employer, however, your site better be perfect or close to it to be considered done.

Restaurant Site

Whether you own a food truck, café, or five-star gourmet restaurant, you need a website that allows you to

  • Show off your place and share your contact information
  • Entice customers with a beautiful menu
  • Allow online ordering

When designing your site, don’t underestimate the power of a photo to entice hunger.


A blog works for anyone wanting to provide information about themselves or their area of interest or professionals looking to share or promote their expertise.

Blogs are great for

  • Expressing yourself and sharing your passions
  • Establishing yourself as an authority
  • Improving your online visibility

Blogs should be fun. After all, you are sharing your passions.

Event Website

Whether you’re a promoter trying to hype an event or someone wanting to invite friends and family to a wedding, graduation, or other important life event, you’ll benefit from an event website.

Benefits of an event website include

  • Event promotion
  • RSVPs
  • Sharing event details

Anyone who’s ever sent invitations realizes how much easier and less expensive an event website is.

Landing Page

Marketers and business owners who create online campaigns need a landing page. A landing page allows them to

  • Capture targeted leads
  • Drive visitors to take specific action

A good landing page must be crafted with the target audience in mind.

Regardless of what type of website you need, Link Encounter can help. Contact us and find out how we can design the perfect website for your needs.