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Looking for the latest way to gain a new audience for your social media platforms? Look no further! The Instagram takeover is the hottest new marketing approach, guaranteed to build your audience and expand your brand’s exposure.

What is an Instagram Takeover?

An Instagram takeover is exactly what it sounds like. An outside person, group, or company temporarily takes over your Instagram account to share new and exciting content with your followers. An Instagram takeover is an ideal way to spread the word because it has a new audience built-in. Asking someone in the same industry is generally the best way to add followers interested in what you’re offering.

Hosting an Instagram Takeover in 6 Easy Steps

1. Set a goal

Your Instagram takeover is likely to accomplish several positive things, but it is important to begin this project with a specific goal in mind. Your goal could focus on something specific, like a particular event or product, or it could be more broad, such as spreading awareness of your company or growing your social media presence. Just be sure there is a way to measure this overall goal.

2. Choose a guest star

Your goal helps determine who you choose to host your Instagram takeover. Guest stars often fall into three different categories: influencers in your industry, employees of your company, and customers or community members.

Each category serves a different purpose so be sure you’re choosing the right guest star to meet your goal. Influencers generally promote your individual brand within your industry. Employees attract their friends and family, drawing attention to the behind-the-scenes work you do. Customers or community members are the ideal choice to promote a certain product or event.

Eddie Bauer chose Brooke Wilson as their guest star

Determining your goal and choosing your guest star is just the beginning. If the nitty-gritty isn’t in place, your Instagram takeover won’t be a success.

3. Lay out the details

Determining your goal and choosing your guest star is just the beginning. If the nitty-gritty isn’t in place, your Instagram takeover won’t be a success. Here are some important questions to answer before you launch your takeover.

  • When will your Instagram takeover occur and how long will it last?
  • Who is in charge during the event? Your guest star could be allowed access to your Instagram page or the guest star can send content to you for posting.
  • How often will you post?
  • Which hashtags will you use? These should be consistent throughout the takeover.
  • How will the Instagram takeover be promoted?

These questions will help you get started, but remember to look at all of the details before launching your takeover.

4. Set your benchmarks

This is where you’ll determine if you’ve met your goal. Make sure you have a way to quantify your results. Some of the best ways to do this is to track the following:

  • Number of likes
  • Number of new followers
  • Number of comments
  • Number of Instagram Story views
  • Number of live video views
  • Total traffic to your website

For more subjective data, be looking at the kinds of comments people are leaving. Are they positive? Are they asking questions?

5. Ready… Set… GO!

You’ve prepared your goals, takeover guest, metrics, and details, so it’s time to put this Instagram takeover in motion! Although you may only have one person on the app day-of, it’s important to have several people tracking the results and recording your data. You’ll also want to continue promoting the takeover throughout the event on your other pages. Share the Instagram takeover to your website, Facebook page, and more. Now, watch those likes roll in!

6. Analyze the results

Once the takeover is over, it’s time to determine if you met, exceeded, or fell short of your goal. First, analyze whether or not you met your overall goal. Then see if there were any secondary goals met. Finally, sit down and decide if the takeover was truly worthwhile.

Even if the numbers aren’t meeting your initial goals, remember that an Instagram takeover is first and foremost a way to increase awareness and exposure of your brand. If comments appear positive and new followers were added, your takeover was already a success!

Now that you’ve gotten started with this new marketing approach, be sure to contact us for more ways to build your brand’s exposure.