Cynthia Vizcarra + Juliana Maziarz.  They’re twin sisters and together they own and operate Stage2 Home Staging & Design based in the North East Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park.  Growing up they often found themselves shadowing their Dad, a second generation construction developer and Real Estate Broker as he built, renovated and rehabbed homes throughout Southern California.  From an early age they found their love for good design and creative aesthetics seeping through when they would tag along on his projects, pushing them to give suggestions on the design.


Stage2 Co.


Cynthia Vizcarra & Juliana Maziarz

What We Did

Web Design, UI Design, Branding, Logo

How The Project Was Received

We loved your brand strategy, creative ideas and overall style. And your customer support continues to be exceptional!

Cynthia Vizcarra & Juliana MaziarzStage2 Co.