LINKstripe is different. We don’t just help you build; we help you design. Our fully functional and ready-to-use themes are built using what we call “stripes”. Stripes are design-ready (yet customizable) modules that allow you to easily launch a website, blog or E-commerce storefront as if you were a long-time seasoned web designer. Stripes can range from photo galleries, google maps, calendars, video backgrounds, call-to-actions and soooo much more!

How much is our amazing technology? Glad you asked. It comes out to only 3o cents a day! Beat that competition.




Link Encounter Inc.

What We Did

Web Design, UI Design

How The Project Was Approached

As a team we enjoyed every minute of putting LINKstripe together. It was the least pressured fueled project we ever worked on because it was our own. We laughed telling old stories about helping friends and family with websites. Became inspired at what we built. And felt accomplished that we pulled the whole thing off.