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Your blog’s success depends upon your ability to grab a reader’s attention right away. Unfortunately, some bloggers fail to engage readers because their content is either too technical or too generic. Other bloggers may have good ideas but fail to organize them into an attractive format. Below are 7 reasons why your blog is failing.

1. You’re using a boring title

Failure to create an attention-grabbing title may lead readers to leave your blog before they even read the first sentence. Avoid titles that are dull, overly lengthy, or uninspiring.

2. You’re writing an introduction that puts readers to sleep

A lackluster introduction is nearly as bad as a dull title. You may lose a large percentage of your readers before they get to the meat of your blog.

3. You’re content amounts to fluff and is straight up boring.

Don’t put your readers to sleep with boring generic copy.

Your blog should be valuable and useful to your readers. Refrain from stringing ideas or words together simply to fill empty space on your website. Write with the goal of seriously educating and equipping the reader to carryout whatever it was that brought them to your website. Yes, that’s going to take time and effort.

4. You’re using complicated language

Never assume that your audience is an expert. Instead, use language that can be understood by readers with an 8th to 10th-grade reading level.

5. You’re not rereading your content

Your content may be interesting and useful, but you will lose your audience right away if your blog is poorly organized. Avoid overly lengthy paragraphs by using headings and sub-headings to separate content into short sections that are easy to digest. When you’re looking for answers online do you like reading through 10 inch paragraphs? Didn’t think so.

6. You’re failing to include hyperlinks

Hyperlinks help bring meaning to your blog by relating your content to the outside world. Failure to include them can hurt your blog’s SEO ranking.

7. You’re not sharing your blog with others

Your blog’s great content will never reach the masses unless you proactively share it with friends, family, colleagues and social media contacts. Avoid this mistake by using social media to regularly share your blog with others. Don’t have time for it? Outsource to a trusted agency.

For more information on creating a great blog, contact us. Our team of blogging professionals has the tools and expertise required to help you capture your audience’s attention and keep your readers engaged until the last word of your blog. We look forward to hearing from you!