Web Design

How to Work With Your Web Designer

You’ve hired a web designer to create an effective and attractive website that promotes your business. Of course you need to play a role in the process of creating the website — but there’s a time to take control and a time to step back. Here places where your input is more valuable. Here’s what to do to ensure your website design project comes out looking great and working right.
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10 Ways to Start Your Own Business On a Tight Budget

Do you have brilliant ideas for a business but feel as though you don’t have the finances to pursue your goals?

Well, it’s time to stop letting your financial situation hold you back! After all, some of the most prominent self-made billionaires started their companies from nothing. Imagine if they’d let their lack of finances get in the way of their big ideas. We wouldn’t have Forever21, Hewlett-Packard computers, Craigslist or Burt’s Bees.
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5 Simple Ways To Create The Perfect Wedding Website

If you’re like the majority of couples who have planned a wedding or are currently preparing for one, you’re probably on the brink of an emotional breakdown. While your wedding day will, no doubt, be “the best day of your life,” the madness that ensues during the months prior to your big day can be completely overwhelming. But before you call it quits on the whole thing and decide to get married at the courthouse, you should know that there is, in fact, a way to decrease a lot of the pre-wedding stress.
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