10 Ways to Start Your Own Business On a Tight Budget

Do you have brilliant ideas for a business but feel as though you don’t have the finances to pursue your goals?

Well, it’s time to stop letting your financial situation hold you back! After all, some of the most prominent self-made billionaires started their companies from nothing. Imagine if they’d let their lack of finances get in the way of their big ideas. We wouldn’t have Forever21, Hewlett-Packard computers, Craigslist or Burt’s Bees.
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Brand Strategy For Small Business: Know What You Want To Convey

Branding is simple in theory, complicated in practice. Part of that is because you need to figure out how you can convey to your customers who you are, and what you stand for, in a handful of seconds. Often with no more than a glance. That’s hard to do, but before you get too deep into analysis and market trends, you need to sit down and answer two very basic questions about your brand.

What does it say about us, as a business, and how are we communicating that?

Logo, Design, and Identity

If your business was a person, what words would people use to describe it? Are you reliable? Friendly? Thrifty? Fierce? Or are you something else entirely? You need to know what impression you want your customers to have of your business, and to make sure that impression is clear in the choices you make for your brand.

Once you’ve sketched out the impression you want to give, the next step is to ask how you’re going to convey it.
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