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How to Work With Your Web Designer

You’ve hired a web designer to create an effective and attractive website that promotes your business. Of course you need to play a role in the process of creating the website — but there’s a time to take control and a time to step back. Here places where your input is more valuable. Here’s what to do to ensure your website design project comes out looking great and working right.
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10 Ways to Start Your Own Business On a Tight Budget

Do you have brilliant ideas for a business but feel as though you don’t have the finances to pursue your goals?

Well, it’s time to stop letting your financial situation hold you back! After all, some of the most prominent self-made billionaires started their companies from nothing. Imagine if they’d let their lack of finances get in the way of their big ideas. We wouldn’t have Forever21, Hewlett-Packard computers, Craigslist or Burt’s Bees.
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5 Simple Ways To Create The Perfect Wedding Website

If you’re like the majority of couples who have planned a wedding or are currently preparing for one, you’re probably on the brink of an emotional breakdown. While your wedding day will, no doubt, be “the best day of your life,” the madness that ensues during the months prior to your big day can be completely overwhelming. But before you call it quits on the whole thing and decide to get married at the courthouse, you should know that there is, in fact, a way to decrease a lot of the pre-wedding stress.
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How Has SEO Changed and Where Is It In 2017?

How Has SEO Changed?

SEO or search engine optimization, is one of the most important tools that a marketer must use to bring traffic to their website or product. It was originally entirely focused on search engines, especially Google, and concentrated on figuring out the key words that would bring more traffic to your site. But now it has evolved from being merely on search engines, to including social media. In fact, mobile, social, and voice search are all major players in the marketing and SEO game.
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Brand Strategy For Small Business: Know What You Want To Convey

Branding is simple in theory, complicated in practice. Part of that is because you need to figure out how you can convey to your customers who you are, and what you stand for, in a handful of seconds. Often with no more than a glance. That’s hard to do, but before you get too deep into analysis and market trends, you need to sit down and answer two very basic questions about your brand.

What does it say about us, as a business, and how are we communicating that?

Logo, Design, and Identity

If your business was a person, what words would people use to describe it? Are you reliable? Friendly? Thrifty? Fierce? Or are you something else entirely? You need to know what impression you want your customers to have of your business, and to make sure that impression is clear in the choices you make for your brand.

Once you’ve sketched out the impression you want to give, the next step is to ask how you’re going to convey it.
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5 Social Media Trends Small Businesses Need to Be Aware Of

Social media allows small business to compete with big business. It’s the great leveler. Even so, small business does not have the margin for error or the budget that their big business counterparts do. They need to be aware of social media trends that will maximize resources.

5 Social Media Trends Small Businesses Need to Be Aware Of

Before you get started elevating your social media presence, evaluate efforts from the past year and note what’s worked and what has not. Examine or create goals for your campaigns. And use these 5 trends to measure and plan your social media activities.
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Failing at Content Marketing? 10 Reasons Why

According to recent research from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), 89 percent of B2B marketers use content marketing. This kind of saturation makes content marketing difficult but not impossible.

If your content marketing isn’t performing the way you want it to, consider these 10 possible reasons why before giving up on the strategy altogether.

1. You have no strategy for content marketing: Of the 1,102 respondents to CMI’s 2017 survey, 61 percent of the most successful marketers have a documented strategy for content marketing versus only 13 percent of the least successful marketers. The research showed that 37 percent of all respondents had a documented strategy.

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