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We’re Link Encounter, a small digital agency based in Downtown Los Angeles. We’ve been crafting beautiful websites, launching stunning brands and making clients happy for over a decade. With our passion for design, outside the box strategy, and diverse marketing ability, you could say we’re the real deal.

We’re happy to announce the launch of our new website builders!

Easily Design Your Own Website

LINKstripe is different. It doesn’t just help you build, it helps you design.

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Capture Local Customers

Create an experience that is individually tailored for every visitor.

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We’re a full stack agency that can do just about anything.

Custom Websites

An amazing interface won’t win you any points with consumers if it’s too difficult to navigate or there isn’t strong call-to-action’s. That’s why we focus on both visual appeal and ease-of-use.

Beautiful Branding

There’s more to building a brand than creating an unforgettable logo and catchy ad campaign. It requires you to engage in research and analysis, not only of your own business, but also your competitors.

Strategic Marketing

More and more, social media & local SEO is coming to play an indelible role in online marketing strategies. You can’t afford to ignore strategies that can expand your online presence and drive conversions.

Our Featured Projects



Ovation Hair

Ovation Hair

Stage2 Co.

Stage2 Co.

Triangle Distributing Co.

Triangle Distributing Co.

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What Our Clients Our Saying

“Link Encounter provided my non profit organization with an end-to-end support experience that was simply first-rate.”

Tony SteedThe Tony Steed Foundation

“Professional and Proficient! Link Encounter continues to provide above excellent service through their support, availability and knowledge.”

Erika SherwoodOvation Hair

“After years of talking with different web design firms we chose Link Encounter because they offered both technical skills and personal attention.”

Sarah BotchickPioneer Wholes & Imports

“Link Encounter is awesome! They're accommodating, easy going, and great at what they do!”

Graphic DesignerOlea Kiosks

“We've worked with Link Encounter for many years because of the ideas they bring to the table, quality work and return on investment. It's hard to find an agency that can do all of that at an affordable price.”

Rick VenutoDI Technology Group
July 12, 2017 in Link Encounter

The Latest at Link Encounter

We’re so thankful for our loyal clients and awesome partners. Some of you reading this email have worked with us for over 13 years now! Not too many digital agencies can say they’ve worked with the same pool of clients for as long…

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July 10, 2017 in Social Media Marketing

5 Social Media Trends Small Businesses Need to Be Aware Of

Social media allows small business to compete with big business. It’s the great leveler. Even so, small business does not have the margin for error or the budget that their big business counterparts do. They need to be aware of…

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July 3, 2017 in Branding

10 Signs It’s time to Rebrand Your Business

Ever look at your wardrobe and realize it’s time for an upgrade? Ever watched a movie from 10 years ago and thought, “How did I ever think that was good?” How about that hatchback you drove in 2005? Things change….

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Compare Yourself Against the Competition

Our audit software will provide you an aerial view as to what your competitors are doing both right and wrong. This side-by-side comparison better helps us position your business online, leading to traffic, engagement and conversion.

Stunning Design . Effective Marketing

Take your website to new heights, at an affordable price.