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We’re Link Encounter, a small digital agency based in Downtown Los Angeles. We’ve been crafting beautiful websites, launching stunning brands and making clients happy for over a decade. With our passion for design, outside the box strategy, and diverse marketing ability, you could say we’re the real deal.

Here’s just some of the platforms, partners and plug-in’s we enjoy working with:

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Announcing Our New Web-Builders!


An Affordable Web-Builder That Helps You Easily Design

LINKstripe is different. It doesn’t just help you build; it helps you design. Our fully functional and ready-to-use themes are built using what we call “stripes”. Stripes are design-ready (yet customizable) modules that allow you to easily launch a website or blog as if you were a long-time seasoned web designer.



A Web-Builder That Helps You Capture Local Customers

LINKlocal is all about creating an experience that is individually tailored for every visitor. The builder comes with what we call “inSites” and “triggers”. These tools when activated change the content that appears on your site to better meet your customers’ needs. Attract local customers today!


Websites are now becoming the most influential part of the brand experience.

Custom Web Design & Development

An amazing interface won’t win you any points with consumers if it’s too difficult to navigate or there isn’t strong call-to-action’s. That’s why we focus on both visual appeal and ease-of-use.

eCommerce Done Right
By making the purchasing process quick and easy, customers are encouraged to complete transactions. With years of experience, we can show you a streamlined approach.

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Don’t just own a website, own one that generates high traffic and revenue.

Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

If you’re going to invest time, money, and effort into creating a truly incredible website for the purpose of driving sales, you need to make sure that local consumers can find you.

Conversion Optimization
Funneling targeted traffic, engaging website visitors, and turning traffic into sales is no easy feat. But with a solid conversion strategy, you can optimize your content and marketing efforts to meet your goals in terms of sales and ongoing patronage.

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See the value of Social Media Marketing, but don’t have time? We can help.

SMM (Social Media Marketing)
More and more, social media is coming to play an indelible role in online marketing strategies. You can’t afford to ignore strategies that can expand your online presence, enhance your reputation, and drive conversions.

If you see the the value of social media marketing, but lack the time and experience, we can help.

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With insightful creativity, we can bring your brand to life.

There’s more to building a brand than creating an unforgettable logo and catchy ad campaign. It requires you to engage in research and analysis, not only of your own business, but also your competitors.

With a comprehensive approach to understanding your business, we can help you create a brand image that supports your mission, ideals and company culture. This, in turn, gives you the chance to shape public opinion.

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What Our Clients Say

Link Encounter provided my non profit organization with an end-to-end support experience that was simply first-rate.

Tony Steed Foundation, Tony Steed

Professional and Proficient! Link Encounter continues to provide above excellent service through their support, availability and knowledge.

Ovation Hair, Erika Sherwood

After years of talking with different web design firms we chose Link Encounter because they offered both technical skills and personal attention.

Pioneer Wholesale & Imports, Sarah Botchick

Link Encounter is awesome! They're accommodating, easy going, and great at what they do!

Olea Kiosks

Link Encounter was a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them for any business... they were creative, thorough and real team players.

LITCO Group, Jena Turkheimer

Your suggestions and observations went a long way in making our marketing plan a successful one.


I've had the unique experience of having Link Encounter work with me on building a website. Very professionally and beautifully done.

Happy Feet, Russell Lane

Link Encounter was fantastic! Bonus points for bringing ideas to the table!

Ovation Hair

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